Can You Give A Child Gas X?

How to relieve gas pains in a 5 year old.?

My son just started have very belly cramps. He has a gastro infection but i need to know if there is anything I can do to help relieve his gas pains. He just started back eating.

Rubbing and patting the child's tummy will help him to expell the gas, also, I believe that a 5 yr. old child is old enough to take a Gel cap of Gas-Ex or Phayzyme (they really work and work fast to get rid of gas bubbles and gas bloating)

Is it illegal to give gas on my motorcycle on street?

Let's say Im just driving 25 miles per hour as im supposte to .. and i just give gas but im still 25 miles per hour .. I could do that? or if im at a red light, and im standing still and I just give gas but im still standing still, could I do that? or if im making lots of noise with my motorcycle but im not speeding is that okay? like im standing then just accelerating fast but im at the right speed. is that okay?

Giving gas in public is rude... (and smells bad too!)

How often did you use infant gas drops for newborn?

Sometimes my 3 week old gets fussy after eating...she scruntches up and cries the worse cry ever. It's like she needs to poop really bad or has a burp she can't get out. I assume this is gas. I have the infant gas drops and when she gets like that (normally after eating) I give her the dosage and she's fine. On the bottle it says not to give 12 dosages in one day and I dont come near that, but yesterday it was like 4 different dosages. does this sound normal? first time mom... :)

You can give mylacon drops in EVERY bottle and every 30 minutes until the gas gets better.

Compare and contrast the real and ideal gases.?

Basically, an ideal gas is a theoretical gas that assumes the following:
i) The gas consists of particles that have no interactions
ii) The gas contains particles that take no volume and are infinitely small
iii) The gas does not change to a liquid as it cools.

A real gas, depending on the conditions, will behave somewhat like an ideal gas to the point where any equation that assumes the gas is ideal will give useful results.

But, in reality, gas particles do have interactions, have a volume (although small), and they can condense to a liquid.

I hope this helps!

What is Gas-X used for?

What is Gas-X for? Is it for people who are overly flatulent? Is it like a one-time relief? Any reviews? Thank you! :) Need opinions. :D

Gas-X® understands that when you suffer from gas it can be uncomfortable. What's even more frustrating is that it can consume your mind, distracting you from what you are doing - making you feel helpless. That's why you need Gas-X, the trusted relief you expect from the leaders in gas relief. Gas-X relieves your multiple gas symptoms, like pressure and bloating, with unbeatable speed! So you can relax, refocus, and get back on track.

Gas-X contains Simethicone which is the #1 doctor recommended ingredient to treat your gas, and it's available without a prescription. Gas-X comes in three convenient forms for you to take: softgel, chewable, and the revolutionary Thin Strips® form. So you never have to worry, wherever you are.
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