Can You Claim Eic And Child Tax Credit?

Can I claim the EIC tax credit?

If I have a child with my girlfriend and she claims the child on her taxes can i claim the EIC tax credit???and can only one of us claim the EIC? I make under 23,000.

The one who the child lives with claims the child and gets the eic.ONLY one can claim the child,the eic stays with the custodial parent.If you all lived together then the one who paid over 50% of the households expenses(usually the one with the highest agi)would claim head of household and claim the child for the eic and the other will file as single and CANNOT claim the child since the other one will.

Can you claim on 1040 both EIC and child tax credit plus an additional child tax credit?

140 how many credits can you take for your qualifying childern at one time. Can you combine EIC, Child tax credit and additional child tax credit. Just want to make sure.

your child tax credit applies to your tax liability, if it wipes out the taxes you owe then nothing is forwarded but if only part of the credit is used, the remainder is the additional tax credit
and yes, your EIC is based on your income and more so if you have children in the home(three-limit)
you don't combine them they are on separate lines on the 1040

Can I claim qualifying child EIC?

I am filing single, (we are not married) and we do live together. We have a 9 month old son and he is claiming him as a dependent and as HOH. Am I able to claim our son for EIC as not a dependent but as qualifying child?

No you have to claim the dependent in order to claim head of household. You can claim your son as an exemption/child tax credit and the father can claim him for the EIC and HOH. Or you can claim the EIC and HOH and he can claim the exemption/child tax credit.

Can I claim my girlfriends child on my taxes and get full EIC?

I am claiming my girlfriend and her 4 year old son as dependents on my taxes for 2009. Since he is not technically my son when I add him as other on turbo tax it does not give me the large return I get if I say he is my son. Does anyone know any details on how this might work?

You MIGHT be able to claim her and the child, but you can NOT claim the EIC unless her child is also YOUR child, either by birth or marriage. TurboTax is working properly and is not giving you the EIC (or the Child Tax Credit, Additional Child Tax Credit or allowing Head of Household filing status) because you don't qualify under the law.

See IRS Pub 596 for the rules on the EIC and see IRS Pub 501 for the rules on claiming dependents.

And don't even THINK of listing him as your son! The IRS is wise to this tactic because of rampant fraud in past years and an audit is virtually automatic if you do and are not married to his mother. Once they determine that you made a fraudulent EIC claim you will be barred from claiming the EIC for 10 years even if you subsequently become eligible to claim it.

can i claim my son through EIC as a qualifying child and my father claim him as his dependant?

I live with my parents and so does my son. My father makes too much to be eligible for EIC, but I don't make alot. I want him to be able to claim my son because he does help me out alot financially with him.

You son qualifies as a qualifying child for multiple people, but only one can actually claim him. If you claim the child for EIC, that prevents your dad from claiming him for anything else.

The form 8332 is for special cases and only entitles a non-custodial parent to claim the exemption and child tax credit. It cannot be used with anyone else.

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