Can You Be A Judge Without Being A Lawyer?

How many years does someone have to be a lawyer before they become a judge?

And, how much does a lawyer earn and how much does a judge earn ?

In many states you do not have to be a lawyer to be a judge. This is the case for the Supreme Court as well as many states. Our justice system would greatly improve w/ common sense people in charge instead of only allowing corrupt lawyers to get together w/ their other corrupt lawyer friends and make decisions about our lives.

Do I need a lawyer when going to court for a human rights claim?

Filed a claim with commission on human rights for discrimination on a disabled person. They found probable cause. I know that they are going to give me a date to see a judge. I know that I will be questioned on the stand. But this is what I want to know. What is the difference for paying for a lawyer or just having the human rights lawyers? Can the judge award damage or will I have to get a lawyer to sue? If I do get a lawyer can the respondent pay for my lawyer fees?

You should always have a lawyer when making a legal case. They know the system better than you, and will likely increase your chances of success.

Are you able to be a Judge without first being a Lawyer?

I'm sure that in order to be a Judge you would require a law degree or something of the sort, but what I am asking, is would it be a prerequisite to have experience of being a lawyer as a career, before being allowed to become a judge?

It is not an official requirement.

For local municipal Judges, the positions are elected.

I remember reading that such a Judge was elected that not only didn't have a Law Degree, the fellow was sixteen years old.

For appointed positions, the likelihood is low for a non-Lawyer to even be considered. It isn't specifically required in the Constitution that SC Justices be lawyers.

Do you have to be a Lawyer Before you become a Judge?

Can you be a Judge without ever being a Lawyer first? I'm referring to Canada in the province of Ontario. Thanks in advance :)

All federal judges and state trial and appellate judges must either be lawyers or "learned in law" to serve a judgeship. Forty states allow non-lawyers to hold "limited jurisdiction judgeships." An example would be an administrative law judge commonly found in areas such as workers compensation courts. Because judges must be able to apply the law to the facts of a case and otherwise interpret the law, and due to the competitive nature of securing a judgeship, it helps any prospective judge to attain a law degree and become a lawyer. I am lawyer at salt lake city lawyers.

In a child custody case, does a lawyer get contact with judge before hearing?

Does anyone know? We would be the ones initiating the custody case. Not sure that the other party will pursue. Does a lawyer get to choose the county court system or judge presiding? Is a lawyer allowed to have contact with the judge before a hearing? Any info greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Lawyer does not get to choose presiding court or judge. You file in the county you reside and the court decides who has jurisdiction.

They may contact the judge's office over procedural issues but not on the substance of the case. Contact on substance of the case is only allowed when a representative for the other side is present.

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