Can The Flu Vaccine Make You Tired?

Aching a lot after getting the swine flu vaccine?

I got the swine flu vaccine (the injection) yesterday, and since then i've been really tired and been aching all over. Also got a bad headache, nausea and no appetite. I wish i'd not got the vaccine because now i've read up on it, i'm terrified!

Don't worry, everybody I know that got the vaccine was sore for a couple of days, it's completely normal :)

swine flu vaccine effective?

is the swine flu vaccine effective?can u still catch the swine flu if it is the same strain u r injected? if u do get sick with swine is it more milder cause of the shot?

Yes, the vaccine will be effective against this strain of virus. However, next year the virus will mutate and a new vaccine will be made.

76% of the time the vaccine protects you against the flu, and 2 weeks after having gotten the vaccine you will be protected. If you get the flu shortly after the vaccine, you should have a lighter case of the flu. My friend and her kids got the vaccine and about a week later got the H1N1 virus. Their cases were very light, which was good because her children are 3 years old and 2 months old.

I was vaccinated 2 weeks ago.

If you have minor swine flu symptoms, do you need to get a vaccine?

I have a runny, stuffy nose and a cough. That's it. No fever, no joint pain or diarrhea. Could it just be allergies? Or is it swine flu? Do i need to go to the doctor for a vaccine? IS there a vaccine? i dont wanna die!

It sounds like you have a cold. When people get the flu, the symptoms tend to come on quickly, and they have a fever.

Also, by the time you have symptoms, getting a vaccine would be useless. However, a swine flu vaccine will be available around the middle of October and the regular flu vaccine is already available. You could also ask your doctor about getting the Pneumovax vaccine as it helps prevent pneumonia.

If you do come down with flu symptoms, you can call your doctor and ask for Tamiflu. It is an antiviral that minimizes the risk of complications. It needs to be taken as soon as you become ill though, or at least within 48 hours.

Is the seasonal flu shot effective in any way on the swane flu?

I need to know if i take the seasonal flu vaccine is it good to keep me safe in any way from th H1N1 flu because i knew that the swane flu vaccine may cause sidefict on the long run and i live in a country with a very high population.

The "seasonal" flu shot that's been out for a while was not made to protect you from the H1N1 strain. That's why there's a new vaccine that will be available very soon. If you want whatever protection you can get from the H1N1 virus (which I find suspect), you need to pay for the second vaccine.

And yes, you can get what they call "side effects" from the flu vaccine. Headaches, muscle aches, fever--the same symptoms associated with the flu itself. Who knows what kind of reaction you'll get if you decide to get the H1N1 nasal vaccine, which actually contains the live virus (but they call it "weakened")?

Your body's immune system is STILL the most important thing that protects you from getting the flu.

How safe is the flu vaccines for children and newborns that will be around the child?

I have a 5 week old baby and I am concerned that if I vaccinate my 7 year old for the flus that my baby could get sick. Can this happen? I hear if you get the flu vaccine you most likely get sick from it. Can this happen? If so do the pros out weigh the cons of flu vaccinations.

Any vaccine can suppress the immune system to the point that it is easier to catch things that are going around.

Live vaccines such as the nasal spray flu vaccine can directly cause the flu in the person who gets the vaccine, and the virus can be spread to others, even if the vaccine recipient does not get sick.

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