Can The Flu Last A Month?

Can a two month old be treated for swine flu?

I am really scared that I can catch the flu and pass it to my two month old baby, I work for a school district.

Of course. But take it to the doctor ASAP if your baby starts feeling sick, the flu has killed a toddler in Texas. Heck, treat the baby even if it is the regular flu. young ones are vulnerable to disease.

Can you get the stomach flu twice in one month?

I got the stomach flu in the beginning of this month. My mom now has the stomach flu and I'm wondering if I can get it again.

You are immune to the Virus that you got earlier in the month for 1-4 months, there are hundreds of different viruses though so you never know.

How do you fight off the first signs of the flu?

I share an office with a co-worker who came down with flu. She has the pink eye and everthing else. I have gotten the flu so many times that I know when I am starting to get sick. I have a runny nose, my head aches a litte, and my thoart is starting to get sore. I just took some daytime cold medicine. What else can I do to stop me from getting the flu. I plan on getting the flu shot at the end of the month ( doctor's appt already set). Anything that will help. Thanks.

If its the flu, spary Zicam in your nostrils and use mouthwash or lozenges

The last 2 years I have been ill a month after the flu jab,has it changed?

I have been having the flu jab for 10 years and have been ok,now last year and again this year after about a month I have been ill with flu symptoms,Has it changed?

I don't know but over the years I have had really bad flu but refuse to have the flu jab while I am fit and healthy. It can only weaken the immune system and I would have thought MRSA and antibiotics would have educated us a little more about repeatedly trying to stop infections.

When did the REGULAR flu shot first become available?

My husband, who is 24, says he got flu shots as a kid but I thought the REGULAR flu shot was relatively new.

Well, the first swine flu shot was in 1976, so the first regular flu shot was sometime before that.

The swine flu shot, furnished by the government, was the first flu shot I ever had.-- Had such a sore arm I decided "never again".

Have had the flu twice. -- Figure that two times with the flu was a good trade off for the 33 sore arms that I would have had, if I had gotten a yearly flu shot!

Also, after I got that flu shot in 76, it came out that a number of people got Gullien Barre Syndrome from the shot. -- Didn't want to end up with that, so another reason I have not gotten any more flu shots.


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