Can The Flu Affect Your Period?

Can the stomach flu affect menstrual cycles?

i've had the stomach flu for the past few days and i'm almost better but i just got my period today a week early. can the stomach flu affect that?

Sever stomach ailments can definetly effect your cycles, if not normal during your predetermined menstrual cycle contact your GP for reassurance

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Can the flu shot affect my period?

I got the flu shot on 9/26 and now I'm over 5 days late to start. I have pregnancy symptoms. I've taken two pregnancy tests and they are negative. Anyone else have this problem? Should I be worried or contact my doctor?

Yes I would call your Dr for a blood test because the flu shot doesn't have anything to do with your period. You can get negative test and still be pregnant just means that you don't have enough of the hormone built up in your system yet.

Can the flu affect when you ovulate?

I know being sick can affect your period but how about ovulation? I took a test tonight to see if i was ovulating and it showed a negative no LH hormone. My last af was october 15th, according to the net i should be ovulating on 27th since i am a 26 day cycle. Any ideas of whether i tested too early for ovulation or if maybe it will be late this cycle. I was diagnosis with the flu yesterday. Thanks in advance for the advice ladies. Lots of baby dust to all. TTC for 17 months.

The reason your period is affected in length is generally because ovulation is delayed - illness or stress cannot delay a period after ovulation has occurred.

I always got a positive LH test on CD10 or 11. The month before I got pregnant I got a severe eye injury a few days before my LH surge ... I didn't end up getting a positive LH test until CD18.

Difference between adults getting the flu and children getting the flu?

Yes, Yes, we all know that the flu is a terrible epidemic, but what IS the difference? Someone told me "don't worry, you're an adult, it won't be THAT bad", but how is that so? The flu is just a virus, how can it affect people differently? I see no difference except just being really really miserable. :/

It can be bad in both adults and children, the thing is that adults are more likely to have been exposed to a similar flu virus before and so may have some immunity.
The flu shot does not contain 'live' virus and does not produce lasting immunity.

Does having pneumonia affect the risk of having swine flu?

Four years ago I had pneumonia. Does this make the risk of me getting the swine flu larger or smaller?

The later stages of swine flu is pneumonia. Though, I don't think having had pneumonia puts you at risk for swine flu, you may want to take extra precautions, such as, washing your hands frequently, and using hand sanitizer to reduce the risk of any infection during the cold and flu season.

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