Can The Flu Affect My Unborn Baby?

How does the occasional crying session affect my unborn fetus?

Sometimes when my fiance and I argue....can this have longterm affects on my baby? Good or bad?

My daughter has went into early labor twice and hers was due to being dehydrated (from her flu) and we asked what, besides being sick, could cause early labor and we were told that the biggest culprit of early labor was stress. Now if stress does cause you to go into early labor and you are very early, it could definitely cause harm to the baby. So my suggestion would be try and stop the arguing because it could cause early labor.

Can severe coughing hurt my baby?

I'm 7 months pregnant and have just gotten over a flu. Now I've been coughing for a couple of days now very violently. I have a sore throat and my lower tummy kind of aches due to my coughing. Can this be doing anything harm to my unborn baby?

it's normal for you to feel sore, but the odds of you harming the baby are pretty slim to none. My OB told me that I can take REGULAR Robitussin. I works ok, but I also use Robitussin honey cough, cough drops. They don't contain any zinc, and are all natural. The hard part is past at least the flu is gone.... Mine began last night. Good Luck!

Can a two month old be treated for swine flu?

I am really scared that I can catch the flu and pass it to my two month old baby, I work for a school district.

Of course. But take it to the doctor ASAP if your baby starts feeling sick, the flu has killed a toddler in Texas. Heck, treat the baby even if it is the regular flu. young ones are vulnerable to disease.

want to hear from people who HAVE had the swine flu jab whilst pregnant ?

I am 5-6 weeks pregnant and didnt hesitate to go for the swine flu jab last week. I didn't feel unwell at all apart from an sore arm, but now Iv heard so many mixed stories about it harming an unborn child. Just looking for some reassurance really from other expectant mums that have had the vaccine. Was I right to get vaccinated so early in my pregnancy?

yes you were very right to get the vaccine. the swine fly could be very harmful to a pregnant woman and especially an unborn child. i am 16 weeks and have also had the shot and i feel very comfortable about it. although it is true that we dont know the effects that it could have our unborn babies, i dont see how it can be any more dangerous than the seasonal flu vaccine which is in no way harmful, and i think that the risks of not taking it, are way more scary, than the risks of taking it. you made a right decision. relax!

How do I not kill my unborn child?

I am probably about 2 months preg, and about a month ago, before I took any preg tests (I thought I just had the flu) I took 2 hot baths. How common is it to lose a baby to a hot bath? What else could happen to him/her? Brain damage? Am I just paranoid? Going to obgyn tomorrow, so I will ask him same thing. I feel like a dork, but I just gotta ask.

I'm pretty sure that is an "old wives tale". You would not be able to sit in water hot enough to injure your unborn child. The things you are consuming would be more harmful (alcohol, drugs, medication, caffeine, etc).

You should get some pregnancy books, to educate yourself on what happens during pregnancy. Otherwise, you will believe all the strange superstitions that some people have about pregnancy, and you will be more nervous. Check out your local library, or bookstore. It might be a good time to get some baby care books, too.

Good luck with your pregnancy!

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