Can A Lawyer Represent Two People In The Same Case?

Can 1 lawyer represent two people in the same case ?

For example Tim and Tom is being accused of teaming up to kill someone . They are being charged with the same crime and being together. Do they need seperate lawyers. Or can a lawyer rep them both at the same time

A lawyer, in theory, CAN represent two defendants in the same case. However, USUALLY the defense one client will use might tend to incriminate the other client. When this happens, there is a conflict of interest and the lawyer should not represent both parties. In most criminal cases, this is what is happening. One defendant may testify against another, or the facts may tend to incriminate one or the other. It is the lawyer's job to defend his client at all cost. So if he or she is representing both, the conflict arises.

How to represent yourself in court/file a complaint about lawyer?

looking for any advice on representing yourself in court in a child custody hearing. also how to file a complaint about a lawyer that was hired and quit due to client not following instructions. when instructions were not given to client in time to follow. is this even worth my bf fighting for? does it look bad to represent yourself in court? any info appreciated :) thanks in advance

You can not have a lawyer quit in the middle of a case, not without the JUDGES permission. So I would go and talk with the Judge and ask if he let the lawyer withdraw from the case.

It is hard to represent yourself in court, it can be done, but it doesn't mean you are going to do it right, or even know your rights...which is how people usually get screwed.

If I were your BF I would file for a guardian Ad litem to be appointed to the case, this will be a lawyer for the child to determine what and how big of a role they would recommend to the court for each parent to have.

Can a lawyer know their client before a case?

Like on a personal level? Can someone get their friend who is a lawyer to represent them in court? Cool, cheers. I didn't know whether it was like, unprofessional or something.

The answer is YES. :) Of course, it's in the prerogative of the Lawyer if he will represent a friend or a close related person in court. But legally, no law is preventing this to happen. :)

Can I sue the lawyer who dropped my case for the opposing side?

I consulted and retained a lawyer for a bankruptcy case of $1,000,000 but after four months into the case the lawyer dropped me to represent the opposing side who had gone into bankruptcy and owed me money (more profitable case). I hired another lawyer but I lost the case anyway because my first lawyer shared all my info with opposing side. Can I go after the lawyer that dropped me for the opposing side and sue for the money that I lost?

If the lawyer agreed to be retained for his services, he is bound by an ethical code not to take any other side in the case. A lawyer who has been retained by opposing parties in a litigation must recuse himself from the case. A lawyer who blatantly switches sides is guilty of several ethical violations and can be sued for breach of contract and/or be disbarred.

After you have papers that a lawyer is going to take your social security disability case and signed the?

Agreement for contingent fee. Is the lawyer aloud to drop your case even though you've already signed papers for that lawyer to represent you. And nowhere in the contract does it say they can back out and drop you as a client? In our contract it says they are representing me, and says nothing about him being able to back out of the case. So how could he legally quit as my lawyer if there is a written contract?

He can 'drop' you at any time.

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