Can A Felony Dui Be Expunged In Michigan?

Michigan Expungment laws?

I have one non-violent felony on my record I would like to get expunged. Michigan law says that you can not have no more that one conviction in order to get a record expunged. I have one DUI and one impaired driving the rest are minor traffic offense's like no seat belt ,driving on suspended, expired tags, no insurance.and so forth. I was to understand that as long as I got one felony and not two felonies I can get it expunged. what are my chances of getting my felony expunged.

understand that expunged does not mean erased, it is hidden from public view it will always be there,also if a year or more has passed it is in a lot of private databases around the country and they do not have to expunge your record

If i have a felony dui in one state, will it still be a felony dui in a different state?

You cannot expunge a dui in Illinois, but if I relocate to a different state, will it be expungeable?

OK first off, a DUI is not a criminal offense it's a traffic offense. And it's a misdemeanor not a felony. I don't think you can ever get a DUI expunged off your record. They changed the laws (not sure when but a long time ago) so that it stays on your license no matter what state for at least75 years-so ya not the rest of your life, but might as well be. And the charges get worse the more DUI's you have.

Can a felony DUI be expunged from juvenile records?

Hi, I've got a question, I know that there are certain crimes that CANNOT be expunged from your juvenile record, but have not found specifics if a felony DUI can or cannot be expunged. I am in the state of California, by the way. So does anybody know? Thanks. Specifically, I mean in terms of back ground checks. I know that this will stay on my driving record for life, but I want to know if it can be sealed for back ground checks.

nope a DUI can not be expunged from your record and it doesn't disappear once you turn 18
itson your driving record and it stays there

Can I become a CFA if I have a felony on my record?

I have a felony DUI in Kansas but I am about to graduate with my MS in Finance and I want to become a CFA and get my Series 7 license. Can I still obtain these certifications even though I have a felony? I am getting the felony expunged in June 2011.

Let's get on track here. The question will be to what level the firm you will work with will allow you to get away with. If you pay for and obtain the Series 7 yourself, there shouldn't be any problem. With graduation and the Series 7 complete, next you need to get that DUI expunged. After that, THEN you start applying for a job. Competition in any work sector is tough. If I'm employing some and narrow it down to two or three people, that DUI is going to help me eliminate you. Whatever you do, even after you think the DUI is expunged, run a state police check on yourself (check you states website) before the employers do. I hate it when those "public servants" let those little things fall through the cracks, so make sure you get what you pay for.

I guess I don't need to have the drinking and driving conversation with you, do I? Live, learn and good luck!

After 5 years can you get a felony expunged when you have another prior misdemeanor on your record?

I keep reading online that you can only have one conviction whether it is felony or misdemeanor. So that would mean that someone like me who is trying to get the felony expunged while having another conviction could not do so. I have however heard of stories where people have done just that. Also my lawyer told me that I could get my felony expunged after five years despite my other conviction. I live in michigan btw. Does anyone know the answer or have references?

Speaking to an attorney who is licensed to practice in Michigan is almost certainly going to get you better answers than randomly polling strangers on an anonymous website.

In the alternative, and particularly if you want "references" I would encourage you to Google for the information.,4551,7-119-9741_12798-201926--,00.html

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