Can A Felon Get Expunged?

Are you still consideredd a convicted felon if your charge is expunged?

I am most likely about to be convicted of a weaons charge but if convicted under the D.C youth act (since im under 22) I will be eligible to have it expunged after two years without getting in trouble. Will I still be considered a convicted felon when expunged?

No, once you receive a pardon, although your crime is still on the records, you are no longer considered a felon.

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How can I get a felony expunged from another state?

Getting a felony expunged is determined by the law of the state. Some states do not allow expungement, no matter what the offense is.

Federal law does not have any provisions for convicted felons in a federal United State district court to apply to have their record expunged.

The only way a felon can receive relief is if he or she gets a Presidential Pardon, which does not expunge the felony from their record, but gives the felon relief from civil disabilities that stems from the crime.

if a felony is expunged, is the strike also expunged?

If a judge reduces a felony to a misdemeanor., is it the same as being expunged? is the strike also expunged or reduced?

haveing a felony expunged and reduced are two diferent things that occur at two diferent points of the legal process.

If its reduced to a misdemeanor, you no longer are being charged with a felony so the strike (if you were convicted) like the felony, it would disappear because you were never charged with one.

If you have a felony expounged you will have an 893 on your record. It does not show up on bacround checks, and you are no longer a felon and can vote. However if you get arrested again police can see that you were convited at one point and may bring the charges back up.

My felony was expunged, but the state of arizona will not let me become a police officer. What can I do?

I had a felony from 2001 that I got expunged last year. I contacted the AZ P.O.S.T and they still said that I could not become a police officer. Are there any appeals I can file? Is there anything other hope for me?

Expungement just gets it off the public record.

No police department in the US can hire a convicted felon. You are still a convicted felon.
To be able to apply you need to get the conviction overturned. That is found not guilty.
I'm not going to explain the appeals process, it is to long and if you had time to expunge way to late.

The other way to be not guilty is to get a pardon from the Governor of the state that you were convicted in or a pardon from the President.

Take it out on the shyster lawyer that charged you and did not explain the difference.

misdemeanor expunged?

when getting it expunged, even if asked on applications will i be able to say no i don't have one because it's been expunged? right? doesn't it not show on your background? i understand it's really never gnna go away cos of the fingerprints just for simple background checks? for becomingespecially medical assistant? , or anything?

A misdemeanor MIGHT be expunged from a JUVENILE record. If it is, you do not need to mention it on an application.

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