Can A Child With Adhd Get Disability?

Can you get Social Security Disability for children with ADHD?

A friend of mine said she was getting SSI for her child with ADHD and to me this does not really sound right.

you're only supposed to get it if the child's condition and treatment are such a burden to the family that a parent has to stop working, or move to part-time, to care for the child. Or if the home requires significant modifications to accommodate the disability (ramps and wheelchair access for example).

With ADHD, this is usually not the case unless it's pretty extreme. The problem is that there are plenty of psychiatrists who are clinical whores who will sign anything, including disability papers that may not be necessary. This ruins the system for people with real needs and costs taxpayers more money.

If your child is diagnosed with ADD or ADHD are they eligible for SSI or some type of disability check?

Several people have told me that they receive a disability check because their child is ADD or ADHD. Is this true?

I've never heard of this unless other disabilities were present.

How do you get a child to listen?

My child has ADHD and i can't get her to keep still or listen, do anyone have any answers that will help?

Is your child diagnosed with ADHD? Speak to your family physician for ideas. I work as a Early Childhood specialist and each child, with or without a disability, is unique and what works for one child, may not work for another. You may even find that once you find something that works, a few weeks down the road, it may not. Your family physician, can hook you up to agencies that can assist your child and your family.
Good Luck and know that there are people who can help...just don't be afraid to ask.

Depending on your child's age, (over 3) you could contact the school district that you live in and request a MFE (multi-factored evaluation) to further asses your child's individual needs.

Does anyone have a child with ADHD and they were eligible for Social Security benefits?

I have 2 children with ADHD. Only my 6 year old is on meds the other one is 18 and a senior in high school and has decided not to take his meds anymore. The 6 year old can not function academically or socially without his meds . I was wondering if anyone has had experience with applying for SSI for a child with ADHD. If anyone has had experience with this type of situation, I would surely appreciate the input.

Hi ..i attend a group meeting for parents of children with autism and adhd, i know that the parents in this group whom have children with adhd are being turned down for Disability because they still lead a 'normal' life regardless although it can be tough, Now my son Thomas has severe autism he is also non verbal and still in nappies/diapers he is 10 now and gets the highest rate, i was also told his school has input on this decision also you can try all they can or would say is 'No'

which disorder is more handicapping to live with, Nonverbal learning Disability or ADHD?

which group of people tends to have a higher I.Q., Nlders or people with ADHD? and what are the main similarities and differences between the two conditions?

There's no correlation between ADHD or NVLD and increased or decreased IQ score. Both are learning disabilities that interfere with the way the brain processes information. NVLD affects the way a person interprets non-verbal information, as the name would suggest. That includes things like spatial skills, number sense, etc. ADHD affects a person's ability to pay attention to a task, causing them to easily lose focus, be difficult to engage, etc. ADHD affects people across the board in all tasks - they aren't "more ADHD" when they do one task vs. another, like reading vs. math, although individuals with ADHD do sometimes have the ability to hyperfocus on a task that they find interesting, to the point where their focus may be difficult to disengage. People with NVLD are often very good at reading, oral, and written tasks, tasks that do not require a lot of non-verbal skills.

How "disabling" either disability is depends on the extent of the disability, how severe it is and whether or not the person has learned coping mechanisms to allow them to effectively deal with it. There are some people who are very obviously ADHD, versus some people who you would never guess are ADHD. Some people are medicated for ADHD while others just use coping skills to help them focus and stay on task despite their disability.

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