Can A Child Qualify For Ssi?

Can I claim taxes on my daughter as a dependent with SSI?

I have SSI (Supplemental Security Income) but I also have a daughter. Her father is not in the picture anymore and I know I cannot claim taxes with SSI but I was told that I can with having a child. If anyone can help me out here it would be greatly appreciated with any information that you can give. Please and Thank you.

Sorry, but since SSI is not considered earned income, you cannot claim the child tax credit because you have no tax due. There is another tax credit called "Additional Child tax credit", but since you did not earn income you dont qualify.
You would not qualify for the EIC either. Sorry.

Will my child qualify for SSI and services from regional center if her diagnosis is "autism spectrom disorder"?

Will my child qualify for SSI and services from regional center if her diagnosis is "autism spectrom disorder" and spells/seizures. She is not high fictional. Thanks

Most likely. I have referred clients to the Regional Center. Depending on the severity of the autism, he may be elgible. If the symptoms are too mild or if it's Asperger's, he may not. This doesn't mean you can't appeal. I knew a mom who appealed and won!

As for SSI, they also have their own evaluations. If you qualify for either one, this will defiantly help your case for the other.

Also if you're child has an IEP take this! And take the diagnosis documentation as well. Best of luck!

SSI & EIC credit????

If my child received SSI (about 7 grand) for 2007, can I claim them on my taxes and get the EIC? I will have to claim the SSI as income right? How does this work? I have 9,330 in income PLUS the SSI $. Do I get an EIC on an SSI dependant?

EIC is earned income credit. To be eligible for EIC you have to have EARNED income from an actual job that gives you a W-2. Is the $9330 from a job you have? If so, you may qualify for EIC. If the $9330 is other SS money or child support then you will not get EIC. SSI, SSDI, SS and child support are examples of UNEARNED income. I don't suggest trying to lie on your taxes either. That's lot of money to pay back. Sorry.

What is the difference between disability benefits and ssi benefits? ?

If a child qualifies for disability or ssi (if that's even possible can he/she live out of the country (US) ?? Hannah your an idiot and no I think it's perfectly fine. Especially since treatment is cheaper and maybe there's a better chance for him to get better on this program that's offered overseas which his disability or ssi can help pay.

There are two disability programs, SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income)

SSDI is where you pay into SS through FICA payroll taxes, and earn work credits\. So no, a child cannot qualify. SSI is based on income and assets. So it would depend on the child's parent, or parents income and assets.

Yes, you can live outside the US. There are few countries the US does not have good diplomatic relations with you cannot live in, but you wouldn't want to live there anyway.

If medical costs are the reason, once the child is approved for SSI disability, they automatically are covered under your states Medicaid or SCHIP insurance, which will pay all of the expenses.

Children receiving SSI and paying child support?

My bf is in the process of child support being established for his children. He wants to pay because he loves his kids and wants them taken care of . But he also doesn't know the law. If two if his children receive SSI because they are disabled, does that reduce the amount of child support he owes? The mother "conveintly forgot"to mention that when she filled out the child support paperwork. Do the courts take into consideration the amount recieved in SSI when calculating child support owed by him?

SSi is not used to calculate the Child Support, it's the other way around, Child Support is used to calculate how much the kids can get on SSI.

So once the kids get child support, the mother must inform SS about it, and then they might (or not) recalculate the SSI payment. The same goes for any other form of welfare.

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