Are There Undiscovered Elements?

Do you think there are still undiscovered elements that exist in other planets?

i dont think a sample of everything exists on our planets soils or atmosphere... maybe there are still undiscovered elements in other parts of the galaxy! what do you think?

Since all the numbers are filled in on the chart, and the transuranium elements are all man-made and fairly unstable, I think we're probably out of surprises as far as elements are concerned. I say "probably" to cover my açç, as any good scientist does. Who really knows what sπτt's going down in the core of the galaxy, for instance.

As far as *compounds* go, there's still lots and lots of wild and wacky stuff to be found. What time does the Mother Ship leave, anybody know?

what did mendeleev acheive by leaving gaps for undiscovered elements?

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I believe he achieved several things. First of all, the gaps meant that elements were still undiscovered, meaning there was much more to learn and discover about the Universe. Also, leaving gaps meant certain elements belonged to certain gaps, giving them special properties (in terms of radioactivity, molar mass, whether it's a metal/non metal or metalloid, etc.).

how has the periodic table changed?

From when Demetri Mendeelev came up with the periodic table how has it changed over time?

Since Mendeelev created his version of the Periodic Table there have been only 3 changes made:

1.Instead of his original proposal of the elements ordered in increasing Atomic Mass, they now increase in order of Atomic NUMBER.

2.Were he left gaps for undiscovered elements, they have now all been filled (However, don't get me wrong there is probably many more undiscovered elements out there)

3.There is now more elements such as the Noble Gases. As they were so unreactive they were really hard to find. (This point comes from point 2. however it can be used as one by itself)

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What were Dimitri Mendeleev’s ideas about how elements were organised in the Periodic table?

Mendeleev organized the first periodic table by increasing atomic weight, but he grouped the elements by similar chemical properties. After placing the symbols in the appropriate order by chemical properties and atomic weight, he recognized that the blank spaces represented undiscovered elements. Based on the idea of Dobereiner's triads, Mendeleev could predict the atomic weight as well as some other properties of these undiscovered elements.

Applicatiopns of the periodic table of elements?

The common applications of Periodic Table of Elements may be summarised as below:
1) It provides a systematic classification of elements that brings out a large amount of chemical facts. Practically, the study of elements is the study of Periodic Table.
2) Correction of doubtful atomic weights. The atomic weights of Be and In have been corrected with help of PT.
3) Prediction of undiscovered elements. Mendeleeff kept three vacant places below B, below Al (both in Gr III) and below Si in Gr IV. He called these yet-to-be-discovered elements as eka boron, eka aluminium and eka silicon, respectively and predicted their chemical characteristics accurately. The elements have been later discovered and named as gallium, scandium and germanium, respectively. The PT also supplied valuable information in the discovery of trace elements like Tc, Pm, Re, Hf, Po, At and Fr.
4) Periodic configuration of elements : A true consequence of the periodic law (Properties of elements are periodic in nature) is the logical deduction of periodic repetition of electronic configuration of atoms. This suggest that all elements belonging to the same group must have identical electron configuration of outermost shell.

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