Are There Term Limits For Senators?

What is your view on term limits for senators and representatives?

The president can only serve two consecutive four year terms. The senators and representatives are not term limited. Senators serves six year terms and representatives serve two year terms. I think senators should be limited to four consecutive six year terms and representatives should be limited to fifteen consecutive two year terms. What do you think?

Not much of a limit that you propose. But I think I could support that. My problem with term limits is that it does take remove choice from the voters. I would almost prefer a draft for Congress. Every registered voter in a State has their name in the pool. Your name gets drawn, you serve one term.

What can we do to establish term limits for senators and representatives so we have no career politicians?

We should have one six year term limit for senators and three two year term limit for house representatives. That way we have no career politicians. Don't you agree? We already have term limits for the president, why not congress? What can we do about it?

sounds like it is long overdue.

Where can I find books to support senators having term limits in congress?

I am doing a paper on establising a term limit on senators terms in congress. What kind of books can i find to support this.

There is none. It is in the U.S. Constitution. They have to win elections. Every six years is no guarantee.

How are United Senators elected? Who chooses the senator that holds office?

Also, are different elections held on different years for each of the two senators from each state? How are the senators decided? Does the state legislature pick out the senators to hold office? How do you run for being a senator, anyway? I think that the senators are appointed. Senators are probably appointed by the President. Who really picks the senators? And how are two, (emphasis on two) two, senators chosen for the United States Senate? Are they elected at the same time? I'm sorry. I actually meant United States senators instead of "United Senators" in "How are United Senators elected?".

Senators are elected by popular vote by the people of the state they represent. Each Senator holds office for a six-year term. Except in rare cases where a Senate seat has become vacant mid-term (because of a death or resignation), a state does not have elections for both seats in the same year.

How have term limits affected California's lawmaking process?

Why do most lawmakers oppose term limits?

As every commentator has noted, the result of term limits in California has been a Legislature populated with people who are not there long enough to learn how to get anything done, and cannot expect to be there long enough to work on any long-term proposals. So the power has left the politicians--but has not gone to the people, but to lobbyists and the large corporations and unions who employ them. The lobbyists have more experience and can operate with a longer time horizon than a term-limited politician who will spend at least half of his term looking for his next job. There is a lesson for those who wish to learn in California's benighted experiment with term limits.

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