Are There Spiders With Wings?

What if black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders had wings and could fly and migrate to places?

I dont know why i thought of this but..i was watching this nature show and suddenly thought, "What if those spiders could fly?" What would i do? What would you do? Imagine Spider Hives? YUCK!

Fascinating concept. Truth is, spiders DO fly to migrate to other places.(some species)
A process called 'ballooning' , spiders can pull enough web in a breeze for them to take flight.
Garden spiders are the most noted for this, shortly after hatching ,they disperse to other places to make homes for themselves, and yes, even the black widow has been known to do this.
Although they are limited to regions, they can still travel great distances dangling from an airborne web.

Spiders web question?

Can a spider walk on another spiders web or does he get stuck also and eaten by the other spider. Do Spiders eat Spiders...??

Yes, spiders can move on other spider species' webs. They may have to be a little careful about it,
and not all spiders can necessarily do it, but it is
possible. Sudden breezes that move the web may
cause them to become entangled. In fact a spider
may be stuck in its own web if something happens
to move it or the web in the wrong way.

Many spiders do eat other spiders. Two families
of spiders are specialists that rarely eat anything
except other spiders. However, the story about
black widow spiders eating their mates is a myth.
It probably occasionally happens, as it may in any other kind of spider, but it is not usual. I know a
person who raised black widows for his research,
and he said he had seen 500 matings and never
saw the female eat the male.

spider bite?

i live in malaysia,and may i know if there is any poisonuos spider in malaysia??im really scared of them!!!! it so deadly

Yes, here are poisonous spiders in Malaysia. There is one that lives in the rain forest of malaysia that can spit poison.
This is another website that has all the types of spiders in Malaysia, it should help you to see what types of spiders and if the spiders are poisonous and where the spiders like to hide and live so you can know where to look for them in your case though it would be that those places that the spiders can be found, you should stay away from. I don't like spiders and I am scared of them too.

how doi get over my phobia of spiders?

First, look at pictures of spiders that are far away. Then, after that isn't scary anymore, look at pictures of spiders that are closer up, then even closer up. Then move onto videos of spiders far away, then spiders closer up. Then, when the videos aren't scary, move onto real spiders -- small ones -- far away. Then move it closer, etc.

Ick I hate spiders too and I've never had enough motivation to actually go through this desensitization process, but I've heard that it does work.

Identifying spiders in my house in Ohio?

I live in Ohio, and I keep seeing a bunch of similar spiders in my house. There are some wolf spiders, but there are also spiders that are darker than that and just as hairy. They look gray-ish black, and besides that, they look like a wolf spider. Do you know what type of spider that is? Thanks

Wolf spiders are not a prone to enter homes than many other species. typically, they are also significantly larger than than common spiders found indoors.
Even the black house spider may resemble a wolf spider,short of size.
Your description is too vague to ID your spiders to species,but are likely common house spiders.

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