Are There Sharks In Lake Michigan?

If someone introduced bull sharks in Lake Michigan would they survive?

Bull sharks can live in fresh water. So I was wondering if some one, somehow introduced a male and female to Lake Michigan would they survive and breed. Also Lake Michigan is beyond large enough as it's about the size of South Carolina and can get over 900 feet deep. And what about the fresh water Dolphins that live in South America?





Yes, bull sharks can live in fresh water, as do the freshwater dolphins. Even though Lake Michigan is beyond large enough, the bull sharks and dolphins could not handle the winter water temperatures. They certainly wouldn't be able to breed, either.

And introducing them would be considered illegal by the local DNR office, anyway.

Is there a fish in Lake Michigan that can eat a person?

Is there a fish in Lake Michigan that can eat you? I mean, I know there are no sharks, but is there any actual thing that lives in the water that is aggressive towards humans?

Lake Sturgeon grow to 9 feet long and 300 pounds (and live well past 100 years), but they don't have teeth. So, they do not attack humans.

what US states border each of the great lakes?

I have pulled up several different US maps off the google & internet sites. They did not even show the Lakes per say or which lake was which.

Lake Superior
- Minnesota
- Wisconsin
- Michigan

Lake Michigan
- Michigan
- Wisconsin
- Illinois
- Indiana

Lake Huron
- Michigan

Lake Erie
- Michigan
- Ohio
- Pennsylvania
- New York

Lake Ontario
- New York

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Was there actually shark attacks in Lake Michigan in 1955?

And don't say sharks live in saltwater because the bull shark has been spotted up in Saint Louis, MO and in freshwater (and confirmed as true). Bull sharks can live in freshwater. And yes, I know Lake Michigan is too cold to SUSTAIN bull sharks and Niagara Falls issue. However, there's the canal connecting the Mississippi river issue. But was the report about a shark attack in Lake Michigan in 1955 true? Sorry for bad grammar. 1955 shark attack was not reported as fatal.

I found this online if this will help :D

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One of the most astonishing shark attacks on record took place in 1955 when George Lawson a Chicago boy was attacked while taking a swim in Lake Michigan!

Rescuer John Adler who hauled the boy, minus most of his right leg, into a boat, said ‘I just couldn’t believe it, but I had to believe what I saw happening right before my eyes!’ When doctors found the dreadful injuries on Lawson they had no hesitation in proclaiming that it was indeed a shark bite. Others who had witnessed the attack saw the fish heading away back into the deep parts of the lake, its passage marked by…a tell tale dorsal fin.

What kind of shark would travel thousands of miles necessary through fresh water rivers and lakes to get to Lake Michigan?

Well there is one species well known for its aggressiveness and also for its liking of fresh and brackish waters, the infamous Carcharhinus Leucas, (now often called Carcharhinus Springer).

It could have been that instead of a bullshark..
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What is the state that borders Lakes Surperior, Michigan, and Huron?

Michigan is a unique state in that it consists of two separate peninsulas into the Great Lakes

The upper peninsula is bordered on the north by Lake Superior and on the south by Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

The lower peninsula rises between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron and Lake Erie. It is bordered on the west by Lake Michigan and on the east by Lake Huron and Lake Erie

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