Are There Black People In Russia?

What is the relationship in past history of Black people and Russia?

Also, why does American media always make Russia to look like a bad country. Everytime I play a military video game, it's always the Russians. Movies and conspiracy of top secret blah, blah, blah...Russia. What is up with the bad blood between Russia and America? Also, get back to my main question as well too, please. Thanks.

The answer is very simple - so far Russia is THE ONLY country in the world that can destroy United States - completelly! - US ofcource can do the same in return, but just it, not can it (US) win in total nuclear war against Russia - both countries would not survive mutual nuclear attack - so it is natural to take VERY SERIOUSLY such a state , right ? - thats why americans feel uneasy when they think about Russia and it results in hate towards Russians (well, not all americans do hate, but media and influencial political circles behind it tries to influence public opinion to make american atitude towards Russia as negative one - that results even in such things like Russians always portayed as bad guys in computer games or in Holywood movies) - by the way in Russia simple americans are never portrayed negatively, only US Government is critisised....As for Black people in Russia - there are actually no Blacks in Russia because Russia never had colonies in Africa and never imported Black slaves from there ...

Can someone give me a number on Russia's black population?

Blacks are indigenous to all lands. Could someone give me a number of the black population in Russia? Don't attempt to argue with me. We have been here for a much longer time then you so we would know. Your source come from people who have colonized information so do some real research before arguing. I just want a number. Not all black people are of african decent. The term african is a colonized term but i thank you for the information you have given.

What do you mean by "Blacks are indigenous to all lands"? This statement is definitely wrong for Russia. South of Russia starts on the north of USA (the same latitude). Do you really think that Canada, for example, has indigenous black ethic groups? And black population did not come from Africa?

According to Census of 2002 all the ethnic groups with more than 200 people are listed here:
I don't see in this list blacks at all. They can be counted in "People of other ethnicities" - 42 980 people (but "other" includes people from all over the world).

But somehow English version of Wikipedia gives 40,000-70,000 people ( May be they know more about Russia then Russian statistics. I don't believe in this figure.

There are very few people of African descent in Russia, mostly, former students from Africa and their kids.
If you know an answer then why do you ask? I make my conclusion on data of official statistics, and no need for Statistic Sevice to hide quantity of certain people. I also give my opinion that these figures are right because I see it every day on the streets. I saw black person first time in my life when I was 15.
I think that figure is less than 42 980 people
Sorry if this word offended you, but in Russia there is no anything negative in it because we didn't have colonies in that part of world and didn't have slavery. For us it is just one of continents. Moreover, word "black" in Russia is considered as very offensive and impolite while "n....." is very neutral and doesn't have negative meaning. "Black" is NEVER used in official papers, documents, press, literature etc...
Most of black population here are from African countries - they are sent to study in universities by their governments. That is why "African" is used in its original meaning and means the same as European, Asian etc... - nothing offencive, just continent where people live and arrived from (not many years or ages ago but they are currently citizens of countries in Africa).

May be you didn't understand me.

help russia?

im doing this stupied s.s thing and i need 5 facts about russia i need 3 funny ones and 2 like normall ones plz guys i need ur help

1) Microwave ovens were banned in Russia in 1976

2) Russia grows more potatoes than any other country

3) It is a criminal offence to drive around in a dirty car in Russia

4) Russia celebrates Christmas twice a year, December 25 and January 7th

5) Russia covers 13% of the world

How and Why is Russia So BIG?

Russia is big in land mass only. Most of that land is barren and it's people are terribly neglected. The people in eastern Russia are aborigine for the most part, and get very little substinance from the central government.

Russia's economy is ranked 10th in the world today. It is tied with Brazil.

Russia, under Putin would remind me of the stimulated male mesquito, floating down the river on it's back yelling, RAISE THE BRIDGE !

why did russia invade germany in august of 1914?

Russia did not invade Germany. It was GERMANY who declared war on Russia. Why? Russia supported Serbia as they both had Slavic people. When Serbia was getting threatened by Austria-Hungary after assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Russia stood by Serbia. Germany declared war on Russia quickly, and then ignored Russia to attack France.

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